Realtime Reporting

Want to receive the text and view testimony on your computer as the deposition is taken? Then Realtime reporting is for you!  With Realtime reporting you also have the ability to do complex word searches, annotate text, make quickmarks, and write notes while the deposition is taking place.  Software for a Realtime feed is required for this service, and we are happy to assist you in choosing the best software for you!

Although there is an extra per page cost for the Realtime feed, Realtime Reporting is great for large volume cases, trials or arbitrations.

Another added benefit to Realtime is the transcript is present on your computer once the deposition is over and saves any notes that were made in the transcript for summaries and litigation support.  For the Realtime feed to work all you need is a computer, USB Port and Realtime software.  Our Realtime reporters will do the rest.

The following software allows Realtime feed to work via your computer:  Bridge (Free Software), LiveNote, Visionary, CaseViewNet (Free Software), Transcript Manager Pro (Works with Mac and PC).

Our reporters are available to answer any questions you have about Realtime.  We have Certified Realtime Reporters who make sure it is readable, accurate, high quality and understandable.

Please contact us with any questions or assistance in making you Realtime ready!