Colorado Court Reporters: Scanned Exhibits

exhibit linkingThe Colorado court reporters at Hansen & Company can scan all exhibits and provide them to your office in PDF format via email or put them on disk for you.  We can also provide hard copies if you choose.  Transcripts and exhibits are available on Summation,  iBinder, TextMap or LiveNote for heightened litigation support and maximum benefit.


Electronic Exhibits Have Changed Court Reporting

Colorado Court ReportingTechnology has changed every aspect of life, including  the creation of scanned exhibits and exhibit linking.  Exhibit scanning converts exhibit documents, testimony, and video into a single, searchable file. Documents are scanned and can be stored in the cloud or sent to your firm via PDF. Our online repository makes it easy to retrieve your court reporting documents and exhibits. Video exhibits can also be linked with transcriptions for your convenience.

Hyperlinks between transcript text and documents in the exhibit allow you to easily navigate between exhibits referenced in the text with just a click. This allows you to view all parts of your exhibit in context. Transcripts and documents can be linked to depositions for your ease and convenience.

Thanks to electronic exhibits, it’s no longer necessary to lug around piles of paper transcripts and heavy exhibits. Now you can access all of your exhibits in electronic form once they are scanned and uploaded to the electronic exhibit file. Indexing, imaging, and copying services provide all of the usability you need. Rather than shuffling through a big stack of paper transcripts and exhibits, or rifling through boxes to match paper exhibits to your testimony, simply click on a hyperlink. The hyperlink will open a PDF containing all of the information, transcripts, and exhibits you need.

Our court reporters can put documents and depositions in an electronic exhibit that are conveniently organized with everything easy to find. You won’t need any special software to access and use your electronic exhibits. We can provide PDFs of your scanned exhibits and transcripts. These can be viewed using any PDF reader. Linked exhibits are also available in Summation, iBinder, TextMap or LiveNote.

Data storage in the cloud means that your exhibits will be available to your entire team around the clock, for maximum litigation support. Need hard copies? We can supply those too, but electronic exhibits can make managing your case easier than you ever dreamed possible. Our professional Colorado court reporters at Hansen & Company can save you time with creating efficient electronic exhibits and transcripts.

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