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Professional court reporters specialize in legal transcription. When you think of a court reporter, you probably think of some of their most common and well-known duties — transcribing depositions, legal proceedings, and meetings that take place in a legal context. But the services of a professional court reporter can be appropriate for a range of legal and corporate needs, inside and outside of the courtroom.

At Hansen & Company Court Reporters, we provide a range of court reporting services in Colorado. Our services include real-time reporting, synchronization and video depositions, linking of transcriptions and exhibits, mediations, and arbitrations, as well as out-of-state deposition scheduling. Our services can be applied in a number of settings.

Are you interviewing a new candidate for very important position with your company? Interview processes, especially for important positions, tend to stretch on, and involve some very detailed questions and responses. Our professional court reporters can transcribe these interviews as they are occurring, so that you can pay attention to your candidate’s responses and reactions, and review his or her answers later for detailed evaluation of his or her qualifications.

Our court reporters can also help during legal or business meetings. We can use legal transcription techniques to make sure that all the relevant information is recorded for your review at a later time. Your information will be recorded in an organized fashion and without bias, and it’ll be available in just a few hours. Court reporters are also invaluable during mediation.

Of course, the services of a professional court reporter can be essential for depositions, or legal statements recorded outside of the environment of the courtroom. These statements must be recorded by professional court reporters, who are bound by oath to ensure truthful testimony as well as an accurate transcription. When it comes to depositions, you need the services of a professional court reporter.

Thanks to our online repository, you’ll have access to your transcriptions at any time. With videography services as well as more traditional court reporting transcription services, our professionals can always meet your needs. The next time you need professional court reporting or transcription services, Hansen & Company can help.

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Hansen & Company Court Reporter have 3 locations in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver, CO.

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When you need Denver court reporters that provide all of your court reporting services, contact Hansen & Company. From realtime court reporting to out of state depositions, you can count on us for our state of the art equipment and best services.

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